Can a G-Shock watch improve your gaming skills?

g-shock on keyboard

While there are a lot of factors which can improve your gaming skills and results, you would probably not think a G-Shock (Casio’s shock resistant line of watches) could actually improve your gaming skills. While the argumentative points in this review are more or less subjective I hope you find this approach informative regarding whether you should wear a G-Shock when gaming.

  1. It looks awesome and charges you with positive energy

As a gamer, you should care about your looks especially if you go to tournaments or competitions. Most people like seeing cool gadgets that match the gaming environment you find yourself in. That is why no gamer wears a tuxedo at a gaming competition. All the positive energy coming from people who find your outfit and G-Shock cool will probably improve your concentration and skills right away. At least that is how I felt every single time when loads of curious amateurs came to me and asked with admiration what brand is that big, bold watch that was hanging on my wrist. Remember that the level of your concentration and competitiveness is in strong correlation with the psychical mood you are in that moment. Visit Atomic811‘s Top G-Shocks page for a selection of models.

  1. It makes you feel like a character from the game

If you are a genuine gamer then it is impossible that you haven’t played the Battlefield or Call of Duty series. Well especially in the Modern Warfare you have probably seen that a lot of characters have tactical watches on their wrist, mostly representations of G-Shocks. Well, those games were inspired by real life and soldiers do actually wear G-Shocks a lot in battles and everywhere they go on a mission. So a G-Shock might make you feel like a genuine army man or a guerilla fighter depending on what character you prefer. That boosts your morale and makes you a more agile fighter. Here’s a Zombie game created specifically for G-Shock:

  1. Practicality

A G-Shock is a very practical watch even for gamers. You can check all sorts of sensors in real time at a glance; you can stop wasting time getting your phone out of the pocket and concentrate on the game more and all sorts of advantages for a better gaming experience. You can set an alarm, start the countdown timer and much more. Practicality is a key term when speaking of G-Shocks.

  1. A lot of hardcore gamers already wear a G-Shock

Some of the best gamers love to wear fancy G-Shocks during their tournaments and competitions. A G-Shock adds up to your image, making you look tougher or more prepared for the event. As mentioned before, your mood is determinant on whether you will be a winner or a looser.

That is pretty much it. While initially the G-Shock line was designed for much narrower perspectives, now a lot of domains like gaming which didn’t really seem to have anything in common with these types of watches they have become more or less the norm in the industry.

Some G-Shocks even have games on board: